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The latest track from French metalcore lords Insolvency is as wondrously ethereal as it is fiercely dark - as if the overworld and underworld have blurred into one.

Torn Away Inside” rumbles forth as an electric maelstrom of dexterous guitar riffs and supercharged synth leads cast over epically lush ambient backing and impeccably balanced drums. Insolvency’s work here is at the apex of masterful orchestration, and it does not go unnoticed. Synthesis of heavy verses and harmonious choruses lends itself to the song’s self-reflective and abundantly relatable theme - an unyielding tenacity to continue hoping and dreaming, in defiance of the odds.

We added this track to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify. Immerse yourself with “Torn Away Inside” and follow Insolvency for future releases and news.

Insolvency - Torn Away Inside

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