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For this newest Video Feature we're taking a look at "The Veil", a track from the new EP "Disillusion" by American Metalcore band Illusive.

Diving into the song itself first, "The Veil" is a catchy and heavy track. While the overall style is reminiscent of some major names in the genre, Illusive has done a great job at adding in their own elements to carve out their own sound here. Hearing this song led us to checking out the rest of their EP, and we can tell you, there's not a disappointing track on there. If you're a fan of Metalcore in general, you'll be glad you checked it out. Speaking about "The Veil" in particular, every checkpoint is hit here. Screamed and sang vocals, impressive and aggressive instrumentals, earth shattering break downs... It's all here. Not to mention, the overall production and mix on the EP is on point!

As for the video, this is the perfect reflection for the overall vibe "The Veil" gives off. Great locations, great cinematography, editing, etc. Some people in the industry are starting to say that the importance of music videos is now lost, and that the addition of a video doesn't add much. Well a release like this proves that completely wrong. Illusive really knocked it out of the park with this Music Video and EP overall.

Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to see what else they have going on. You can check out the new Music Video for "The Veil" below. We also added this track to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

Illusive - The Veil (Official Music Video)

Illusive - Disillusion EP (Spotify Stream)



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