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Do you hate long, overthought, artistic intros? Hollow River has the perfect track for you. I have written reviews for singles for a little while now, but it is rare that a track has immediately gripped me and worked its way into my head and stayed there like “Loved Me Like A Book” has. The Canadian pop-punk artist shows tremendous song-writing ability with the featured single from their new EP We’re Going To Be OK, this earworm is not to be denied.

As mentioned before, “Loved Me Like A Book” does not wait around to impress. The song

features Blink-182-esque vocals, immediately capturing the attention of the verse with a slam poetry cadence. When the chorus kicks in, it offers the fun and nostalgia of singing along to “All The Small Things.” The clean break before the chorus featuring the words “and I have less good in me than I should” feels so satisfying. I am also not a fan of guitar solos, especially when not placed and executed well, but this solo in the bridge is a grand payoff to one of my favorite pop-punk anthems I have ever listened to. Count me in as a Hollow River fan.

Hollow River - "Loved Me Like A Book"


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