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For the Video Feature, we're taking a look at the Music Video for "Whispers" from Metalcore artist Heliocentric. While this song was released in 2019, the video just dropped the other day. We've covered a track or two from the artist before, but this one really stood out to us.

The most impressive thing about this song? It's all one guy! That's right... this track is performed by, mixed and mastered by just one guy. We know that's somewhat common nowadays, but the production, composition, songwriting and musicianship is through the roof here.

In the words of the artist, "Whispers is about a 'prophet' questioning his sanity as he hears the voice of god". The video they released to accompany this track fits perfectly. You can check out it below, and make sure to follow Heliocentric to check out the rest of their tunes! We also added this track to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify.

Heliocentric - Whispers (Music Video)

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