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"The Blaze of Glory" is a track released by Budapest-based metal band, Heedless Elegance. Taken from their album, Libra, which they put out at the start of this year, this is an anthemic new tune that features an epic blend of styles.

Heavy-handed instrumentals are boosted by insane vocal flows, dynamic instrumentals, and spot-on production. The raw and epic vibe of the genre is very present here, and the band shines by not sacrificing production quality. Unique transitions in "The Blaze of Glory" keep you on your toes as you're handed big explosive hooks and earth-shattering breakdowns. What a release!

You can check out the music video for the track below. If you like what you hear, we suggest taking a listen to their album Libra in its entirety. We've been told that Heedless Elegance has more music on the way in the new year, so make sure to follow along to stay on top of that. We also added the track to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

Heedless Elegance - "The Blaze of Glory"

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