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For this Video Feature we're taking a look at the new music video for "Endless Nights". the newest single from Pop Punk band FigureItOut. Described as a "Nostalgia Pop Punk project", FigureItOut is the creation of artist Mike Weakley. After listening to this track, and watching this video, that's the perfect way to describe this sound.

Drawing on traditional early 2000's Pop Punk sounds, FigureItOut also adds an electronic aspect, making this track truly unique. What we love about this music video is how relatable it is. Hanging out with friends, riding your bike around town... This track and video really pull on the nostalgia heart strings.

This was our first time listening to FigureItOut, but this release has guaranteed that it won't be the last. Check out the music video for "Endless Nights" below. We also added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Make sure to also follow the artist (linked above) to check out the rest of their music!

FigureItOut - Endless Nights (Official Music Video)



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