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Texas is a huge state. I mean, HUGE. So, you can only imagine the amount of music that comes out of it. So many new bands are heard of left and right, it's hard to keep up, sometimes. Here’s a band out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area that’s been around since 2016 called Corkscrew Nose Dive. I’ve run into these guys a handful of times over the years and have enjoyed every time we cross paths. So, I hit up Hunter (Guitar), Jonathan (Bass), and Demarco (Drums) and decided to have a quick interview to ask them about their newest release, “Zero”.

I asked If you guys could describe your new video in three words or less, what would it be?

Hunter: “Raw Energetic Nihilism

Jonathan: “High Energy Angst

I followed up with I’ve been a big fan of the Jolly Roger EP, Time Machine Pilot, Berserk, Invictus which are some of Corkscrew Nose Dives’ previous releases. I’m wondering – did you guys take a different approach at all for this release? I’ve been able to listen to you guys evolve over time, I’m wondering what has changed – if anything – to your writing process.

Demarco: “We decided that we wanted to write more low-to-the-ground punk shit. Couple that with the pandemic and we had plenty of time to write how we wanted while also taking influence from some DFW local bands.”

Hunter: “We definitely wanted to add to the already existing d-beat/crust-oriented ecosystem of DFW. With our own take into it out of love for the genre.”

Jonathan: “Pretty much been a reflection of where we were at during the pandemic. We wanted to strip back our songwriting and just play faster.”

If you could each pick one favorite thing about this release, what is it?”

Hunter: “Power chord slides are kind of uncommon in punk and we love our slides. I mean, my favorite aspect is the slides lol we did that in Berserk, too, in the hook.”

Jonathan: “Demarcos drum solo fill shot is crispy as F U C K

Demarco: “I love Jon’s vocal melodies. Shit is so fucking hard

Any upcoming releases to look out for? Any EP or album in the works? Any more where this came from?

Hunter: “We have some more heavy ideas in the works to try and just get heavier and heavier. We’re slow releasing an album of 8 songs over 8 months.”


Big thanks to Corkscrew Nose Dive for taking the time to sit and chat with me. Hope to cross paths again soon. Be on the lookout for the rest of CSND’s 8 singles in 8 months! We added their track "Zero" to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out their new music video below!

Corkscrew Nose Dive - Zero



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