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As an avid metalcore listener, this is my first time listening to the Swedish group Bite Down. I was very excited, as Sweden is host to a great amount of phenomenal metal music being created, and these upstarts did not disappoint me.

Ynoga” starts as a sonic assault, complete pedal-to-the-metal from the jump. The vocals on this track are truly impressive, a mix of highs, mids, and crushing lows. The lyrics call for facing your problems head-first instead of running away. This motivational track is the perfect soundtrack for getting your newest PR lift. My only qualm with this release is that the track and the individual components feel let down by the production. I wish there were more contrast and space for each member to shine. Yet, I can thoroughly enjoy this release, which is perfect headbang material. Bite Down is yet another Swedish metal band to watch, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

Bite Down - "Ynoga"


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