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Pop rock group Betcha have just released an unsinkable new single entitled “Grey Skies,” which, contrary to the title, is chock-full of cheerful guitars, upbeat drums, and a bit of sunny synthwave vibes under soft indiemo-pop style vocals. Overall, it’s an ear-catching sound that lies somewhere between new wave, indie, emo, and alt pop, with a bit of 90s and 2000s popular music throwbacks tossed in.

The music video, a full-band playthrough video filmed mainly in an old auto shop, is awesomely done, with all kinds of cool lighting, filters, and camera modes to make for some really dynamic shots. Take a look below and follow Betcha for band news and events. We also have this track featured on our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify.

Betcha - Grey Skies



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