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Ashland’s most recent release, “Misery,” simultaneously extends from and explodes the low-key trend introduced into the current era by Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter,” which features tenacious female vocalists fiercely striding past difficult ex-relationships. With Christina Aguilera, the style was a rocky soul pop ballad. The vicarious empowerment one experiences when listening to Aguilera’s iconic gritty vocals and that dirty blues rock guitar is instantaneous.

Ashland, whose music has see-sawed between an array of genres including indie, pop, and rock, propels this trend into a modern dark pop metal framework with heavy drums, thick electric guitar, and crunchy bass overlaid by electronic overtones. The audio track and music video alike absolutely convey the determination of a female protagonist rising above her oppressors, as the vocalist delivers convincing anguish, anger, and derision while the guitar and drums rock out behind her.

Misery” is best experienced at volume level 10 on your good, high fidelity headphones while reflecting on a terrible relationship that you’ve moved on from - thank you.

Follow the band’s trajectory on this and other new tracks here. (We strongly recommend unearthing their “Santa Baby, but make it Halloween” music video for next holiday season…whichever holiday season you prefer.) We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the new music video below!

Ashland - Misery

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