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I mean... the title speaks for itself. Metalcore band TrueShot just released their new single "Mirage", and it hits hard as fuck! The tracks starts off with a small build up, and then hits you full force in the first 10 seconds. Overall this is a really impressive release from the band. It's only January, but we can already see this hitting our "Best of 2021" list at the end of the year.

When asked about the meaning behind the song, the band had this to say. Mirage” talks about following your passions vs. a conventional career path. For our vocalist, he was a young dad at 17 and had to put his dream of music on hold. After many menial jobs and getting himself through college, playing music for a living still lingered, while also balancing the need to support his now 9 y/o son." That's a powerful meaning behind such a powerful sounding song.

What really drew us to "Mirage" is how on point so many elements in the track are. Impressive vocal and instrumental work, unique transitions. epic breakdowns and top notch production all blend together here, ultimately leaving the listener with a melodic Metalcore hit.

We're not sure what's next for the band, but we are really excited to find out. We added "Mirage" to the top slot of our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify. Check out the new single below.

TrueShot - Mirage

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