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The latest track from Denver-based band VYNYL is a pandemic-reactive summer pop anthem. “Sex/Drugs/Therapy” was written in response to a collectively stressful year, and in particular the need to escape what the band describes as the “anti-social summer scene.” Plucky synth and bright guitar create a vibrant soundscape under warm vocals that fold together in an upbeat, danceable chorus. The release is well-timed as it jumps out ahead of all those hit summer tunes we expect to hear on the radio soon while we gear up for sunny beach days and balmy club nights.

The group’s new EP, "The World is On Fire and I’m Lonely", will be available later this week, and we’re eagerly anticipating an array of animated pop tracks to cheer us on ‘til summer. Keep up with band news, including music videos, show announcements, and reviews, via VYNYL’s Facebook page here. We also added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the new tune below!

VYNYL - Sex/Drugs/Therapy



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