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"Fat Tongue", the latest single from Garage rock duo, The Margaret Hooligans, is a wild new tune that features unique transitions and a unique blend of styles. Rooted in the world of Garage rock, the track also explores elements of punk, indie, and grunge, ultimately leaving listeners with an interesting style.

The track really picks up around the two-minute mark and takes the energy of the song in a whole different direction. There's a very raw production work that weaves this track through clever lyricism and heavily distorted instrumentals. This isn't a style for everyone, but for those who dig the unique and refreshing sound, "Fat Tongue" will no doubt capture the band new fans.

You can check out the new single below. We also added the track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow The Margaret Hooligans to see what else they have going on!

The Margaret Hooligans - "Fat Tongue"

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