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Combining folk-pop instrumentation, metalcore production, blues rock sensibility, and punk’s anthemic choruses, “Foulbrood” from Minneapolis folk-rock band Skittish is dynamic and surprisingly hard-hitting - an immediate K.O. The track begins with a forebodingly placid acoustic intro, but soon it's all hands on deck as we rapidly and forcefully depart for stormier waters.

It’s carefully written, brilliantly executed, and stands starkly against much of the soft, at times manufactured, folk-influenced genres we often hear these days. Following hot on the footsteps of dark acoustic acts like Devil Makes Three and Poor Man’s Poison, “Foulbrood” blazes a fierce new trail in folk-rock music and we are greedy for more.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Secure your lifevest before listening to “Foulbrood” below and then follow Skittish for future band updates.

Skittish - Foulbrood


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