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Melodic pop punk themes soar in “Just Drive,” the newest release from Florida quartet Seven Fly. This is the ultimate travel song - lyrics describe an inspired midnight ride while the accompanying soundscape is driven by punchy guitar, compelling bass, and heavy hitting drums. Expressive, animated vocals capture the freeing feeling of abruptly deciding to start a cross country car journey or jump on a last minute flight to anywhere but here.

Of the song, Seven Fly says, it’s “about not wanting to let life pass you by anymore.” This track’s 2000s era pop-punk influence coupled with our memories of carefree travel back in the day invoke a strong nostalgia for that freewheeling sensation of looking out over a vast ocean at 40,000 feet cruising altitude. This track’s sound takes us back while the lyrics look forward - a heart-tugging and inspiring combo.

We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Cruise through time with “Just Drive,” then follow Seven Fly for more band updates.

Seven Fly - Just Drive



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