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The latest single from U.K.-based artist SamSeb Kierkegaard is a hard-hitting and genre-blending rock-rooted tune that explores a variety of elements. "Luna: The Invisible Irony" boasts a unique blend of industrial, alternative, indie, and space rock, ultimately having the listener with an anthemic and fresh-sounding single.

What we really love about this track is how easily it can hop between darker and lighter vibes. At certain points you're pulled down into beautifully crafted pits of despair, only to be thrown into big and hopeful sounding airy instrumental hooks. Some of the heartbreaking guitar work in this track will give you goosebumps. Overall, this thing is just a very powerful and unique release. We can't wait to hear more.

From what we can tell, this is only the third single released by the artist. That's incredibly impressive, and it leaves us excited to find out what's next. We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow SamSeb Kierkegaard to stay on top of what else they have going on. Enjoy!

SamSeb Kierkegaard - Luna: The Invisible Irony

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