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"Boxcar", from U.K.-based grunge/punk band SALT is a fiery and anthemic tune that boasts an aggressive and raw style. The spot on garage punk rock n roll production is amplified by the track's eerie vibe, post-punk vocal style, and ambient instrumental.

Overall, this is a track that's easy to leave on repeat. It looks like the band has been busy recently, releasing a string of catchy singles and a full length in the last couple of years. We're not sure what they have planned next, but we can't wait to hear more. There's a refreshing and unique sound that's present here, and it makes "Boxcar" a song that any fan of the genre can enjoy.

We added the track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. You can check out the single below. Also, make sure to follow SALT to stay on top of what else they have going on. Enjoy!

SALT - Boxcar



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