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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Rightfield is back with a nostalgic 80s vaporwave single called “Baby.” When the track fades in with lofi guitar and phase shifted vocals, we know it’s going to be a feel-good tune. Old school hip hop drum machine loops, arpeggiated upper synth patterns that sound like rainbow swirls, and M83 style vocal-synth mixtures make for a carefree summer track that would perfectly accompany a night of poolside seltzer-sipping. The song is about “being outside in the still of the night and feeling content with where you’re at and who you’re with.” The chorus easily conveys this theme with blithe vocals that dip in and out of a cool falsetto. We really appreciate a relaxed track like this after a year of uncertainty.

Check out the summer rainbow vibes below, then follow Rightfield for upcoming releases, art, and band news. We also added this track to our Underground indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify.

Rightfield - Baby

Rightfield - Baby (Spotify)

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