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For this Track Feature, we're stoked to bring you "Circles" the debut single from U.K. based Pop Punk band Prom Night Rejects. Pulling from familiar elements in the genre, the band dig a great job at blending in their own sound here, leaving us with a catchy and upbeat tune.

While the instrumental might feel upbeat, the lyrical work takes a look at the current worldwide pandemic and takes a stab at the powers at be. Punk Rock at its finest! This is an impressive debut from the band. We're not sure what they have planned next, but we are excited to hear more, and that's exactly what you want from a debut.

Make sure to follow Prom Night Rejects to see what else they have going on. We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out the new single below!

Prom Night Rejects - Circles


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