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Although the Florida space coast band Porch Coffin identifies as a punk rock band, their single “Oblivion” sounds like an ode to emo mainstays like Creeper, Palaye Royal, and My Chemical Romance. As a not-so-elder emo, I enjoyed this punk rock anthem with a dramatic twist.

The uber-charismatic vocals by Porch Coffin are the first to stand out when listening to

Oblivion.” The grand chorus and melodies throughout the track are incredibly catchy and

memorable. I can tell already that I will have this song stuck in my head for the entirety of the rainy season in Florida. I cannot overstate how much this sounds like the track could be directly placed on The Black Parade. Yet, this does not sound like an MCR or Creeper cover song; Porch Coffin adds enough of their unique flair and style to create a memorable song entirely their own.

Porch Coffin - "Oblivion"



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