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For this Track Feature, we're taking a look at "My Novocaine", the newest effort from Milwaukee based band North Breese. This is the third single from their upcoming LP (we weren't given a name or a release date). Overall this is a really impressive release from the band. It led to us checking out the rest of their published discography, and that led to us becoming fans of the group.

Blending elements of Pop Punk, Alt-Rock, Power Pop and Emo, North Breese has done a hell of a job carving out their own sound here. Catchy hooks drives the track through unique transitions, impressive vocal and instrumental work, and overall top notch production. We're not sure when that album is coming out, but you can bet we're excited for it.

Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to see what else they have going on. We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. You can check out the music video for "My Novocaine" below!

North Breese - My Novocaine



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