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Austin, TX-based band, Naga Brujo, brings a raw and dynamic blend of styles to the table with "Sick Sad World", a single they released earlier this year. Fuzzy bass lines pave way for ripping guitars as punchy drums and melodic vocal work drive this track home. What a rad and dynamic sound!

Boasting an anthemic blend of punk, garage, indie, and straight-up rock n roll, the band really shines here by delivering an impressive display of songwriting and musicianship. The second single they put out this year, "Sick Sad World" leaves you wanting more. We're told that the band has a new EP that will drop in January. If this is any indication of what fans can expect from the new set of songs, then it's safe to say that people are going to be happy.

You can jam along to the new single below. We also added the track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow Naga Brujo to stay on top of their future releases. Enjoy!

Naga Brujo - "Sick Sad World"

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