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The latest single from Middle Youth is a chill vaporwave-indie track we can already tell will enjoy airtime as a breezy summer’s evening jam. Sing-songy narrative vocals in "Love It Ain't Enough" lead us through a sparse accompaniment of ambient strings, ride-along bass, and boutique drum machine style percussion.

Midway through the track, when everything cuts out and we’re left with gently rolling acoustic guitar, lightly shimmering strings, and bare vocals, the simple beauty of the arrangement shines through. Although the short and bittersweet lyrics relay the eventual end of a relationship, we don’t feel too upset about it. Like Post Malone's "Circles," the easy breezy nature of Middle Youth's writing reminds us that life moves on and, in time, everything will be all right.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Glide through “Love It Ain’t Enough,” then follow Middle Youth for more band updates.

Middle Youth - Love It Ain't Enough

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