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Los Angeles-based artist, Lou Emery, recently dropped their powerful new single, "Fools". coming fully equipped with anthemic vocal flows over a dynamic and well-produced instrumental, this is an anthemic new tune that'll leave you smashing the replay button. What a release!

Pulling you in with an infectious energy that's boosted heavily by emotional and heartfelt lyrical work, this track soon erupts into quite the wild ride. Unique transitions in the track keep you engaged from start to finish, and the spot-on production work and songwriting make sure that you'll come back for seconds. We're not sure what Lou Emery has planned next, but "Fools" led us to dive into the rest of their discography. If you dig what you hear, we highly suggest you do the same while we wait for their next release!

You can jam along to the new single below. We also added it to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow Lou Emery to stay on top of what else they have going on!

Lou Emery - "Fools"



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