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"Slow Motion," the latest single from L.A.-based duo Limón Limón, is as balmy and dreamy as a desert mirage. Laidback 70s soft-rock (think Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams") mixes with modern vaporwave indie in a track suited to meditation under fading daylight or journaling under the stars. Twinkling keyboard riffs glimmer amidst velveteen piano loops and a steady bass and drum groove, like celestial pinpoints filtered through a clear glass ceiling. Soothing vocals breeze over a distant acoustic guitar. This musing track will easily clear your mind and boost your spirits.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Close your eyes and dissolve into “Slow Motion,” then follow Limón Limón for more music.

Limon Limon - "Slow Motion"

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