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Ida Maria, Norway’s queen of punk rock, is back with a summertime hit entitled “Dirty Money.” It’s a roots influenced pop rock track featuring honky-tonk keys, horns, bluesy lead guitar, a strong backbeat, and Ida Maria’s distinctive punky vocals. Imagine The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” fronted by Pink. Although the whole track comes in just under three minutes, we can definitely envision the live extended version of the song with a healthy amount of improvised soloing from the band and some R&B style improv vocals from Ida Maria in response. It’s the type of song you hear at a summery outdoor festival and jump up out of your lawn chair to dance, possibly with a tambourine in hand.

Make sure to follow Ida Maria to keep up with new releases, including an upcoming single and EP due out next month. We added her new track to our Underground Punk playlist. Check out the new tune below!

Ida Maria - Dirty Money

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