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For this Track Feature, we're taking a look at "Rescue". the newest single from artist G Bae Bae. Call it Emo Rap, Nu-Punk, Cloud Rap, whatever you want, this is a super catchy Alternative Hip Hop banger.

The vocal flow is very powerful and on point here. Quickly rapped verses are complimented by singalong hooks and an anthemic instrumental beat. The airy guitars go a long way in this track, driving home the overall vibe we feel the artist wanted listeners to experience. Overall, this is a dope track that leaves us excited to hear more.

G Bae Bae has a handful of single releases under their belt. Head over to their Spotify page to check out the rest of their discography. We featured this track on both our Indie & Alternative as well as our Underground Punk playlists. Make sure to follow the artist (linked above), and check out the new single below!

G Bae Bae - Rescue



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