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For this Track Feature, we're looking at "Fatima" the newest effort from St. Louis based band Fight Back Mountain. Getting right to the point, we love this track. Drawing on both aggressive and anthemic themes, the band has left us with a total hit. This is the type of track you leave on repeat... for a while. (Seriously, we must have played this song 100 times by now).

Formed in 2018, the band released their first record in 2019, followed by a few single releases this year. Admittedly, this was our first time listening to Fight Back Mountain, but "Fatima" has guaranteed that it will not be the last. The band implements a few different styles under the "Rock" umbrella in this track. Influences of Alternative, Punk, Emo, Hardcore and more can be heard here, overall giving the band a unique style.

We're only in late October, but we can tell you now that this track will be seen on our "Best of 2020" list at the end of the year. We also added this track to the top spot on our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to check out the rest of their music.

Fight Back Mountain - Fatima (Spotify Stream)



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