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For this Track Feature, we're looking at "Mockingbird" the newest release from New Jersey based Hardcore trio, Dumpweed. Getting straight to the point, this song fucking rips. From the very start to the very end, this is an aggression fueled and engaging track. If you're looking for some solid in-your-face Hardcore inspired music, this is your ticket.

This is our first time covering the band, but we have to say, we're really impressed with this song. They did a great job at mixing influences to create a unique Hardcore Punk/Post Hardcore sound here. Releases like this are inspiring to hear. They show that the scene for this type of genre is still alive and well. We don't know what Dumpweed has planned next, but we'd be willing to bet that this is a band you're going to hear a lot more of.

It's only October, but it's safe to say that "Mockingbird" will be on our "Best of 2020" list at the end of the year. Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to hear the rest of their music. We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify, and also linked it for you to hear below. Happy listening!

Dumpweed - Mockingbird (Spotify Stream)



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