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Do you all remember that scene in Anne Hathaway’s The Princess Diaries where she gets invited out to a beach concert with all the cool, rich Bay Area kids, and some kind of indie pop band is playing on a stage there? Oh, you don’t remember? Well, we would suggest re-watching it because Dropping Ugly’s cheeky new single “Fawn Lake Girls” sounds exactly like what we think that beach band probably would have sounded like.

It starts with an almost pop punky 90s bass line and quickly adds in crisp guitar, snappy drumming, and ultra-catchy lead and harmony vocals. We love the use of octaves in this track, both in the instrumental and vocal lines. The final buildup and surprise ending caught us completely off guard and prompted a big grin. Everyone loves a good surprise ending.

If you listen closely enough, there's also a pointed message hidden within this super fun, highly danceable track. Check it out below and follow Dropping Ugly for more updates.

Dropping Ugly - Fawn Lake Girls



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