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Nightmare Nights” is the energy-packed lead single off Philly-based post/pop-punk outfit Church Girls’ 2023 EP of the same name. There is something that just sounds blissful about female-fronted pop-punk. It is like mustard on a hot dog, the perfect combination of ingredients for the best sound. However, it is not just the stand-out vocals by Mariel Beaumont that make this track stand out; the songwriting and composition create a nearly perfectly constructed single.

Nightmare Nights” introduces itself with a chugging riff before the rest of the band joins in as the song kicks in. The song mellows into Beaumont’s vocals, building intrigue into a soaring chorus featuring infectious gang vocals that remind one of the punk bands of the past. The guitar tones, especially in the leads, are smooth like honey and are easy to die for. This is simply one example of the superb production of this song by John Pfiffner. There are so many sounds and intricacies in “Nightmare Nights,” but it all comes together as a blissful experience for the ears. This release is pure joy to listen to, and I could see Church Girls being the next pop-punk band to break out to a massive audience.

Church Girls - "Nightmare Nights"



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