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"Say It Anyway", the latest single from Vancouver-based Indie Rockers, Bealby Point, is an infectiously catchy new tune that features powerful vocal work over a dancey and melodic instrumental. Boasting a unique blend of styles, the band really shines by drawing on nostalgic elements of the genre, while also adding in their own sound, to leave us with an anthemic and fresh sounding track that's tough to take off repeat.

While the overall vibe of this track definitely gives off uplifting spirits, there are also heartfelt and deeper aspects in the overall production that allows the listener to sit back and really dig in. The band seems to be on a bit of a hot streak right now, releasing a string of catchy singles over the last year. "Say It Anyway" definitely leaves us excited to hear more, and that's exactly what a single is supposed to do.

We added the track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. You can check out the new single below. If you like what you hear, we definitely recommend you dive into the rest of the band's discography. Make sure to follow Bealby Point to stay on top of what they have planned next!

Bealby Point - "Say It Anyway"



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