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Californian indie quartet Beachwood Coyotes have just released a springy new single entitled “Believe.” Resonant piano chords perk our ears at the very beginning, prepping for a big stadium pop sound. Vivid guitar riffs, danceable drums, and effervescent vocals dispel gray sky melancholia in a brilliant, iridescent chorus and equally captivating bridge.

The lyrics offer a window into a potentially devastating relationship obstacle, which the narrator then wisely reroutes into a journey of self-discovery and self-love. This indie pop hit is as rejuvenating as a glass of fresh squeezed OJ enjoyed outdoors, barefoot in the grass, as fair weather finally rolls in to stay.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Drink in “Believe,” then follow Beachwood Coyotes for more band updates.

Beachwood Coyotes - Believe



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