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U.K. based band Toronto Blessings just released their new single "LiFE". To put it simply, this track is rad! Rooted in the world of Alternative Rock, the band blends in elements of Noise, Garage and a bit of Hard Rock together here, leaving us with a unique and impressive sound.

When the song starts off, you're not really sure where it's going, and that's a theme that stays throughout. The unique transitions in "LiFE" are one of the aspects that make this track stand out so much. Everything feels like it might just be a little off, but on purpose. Certain notes instrumentally are almost un-nerving when played up again certain vocal melodies, but somehow you're still left wanting to hit repeat as soon as the track is over.

"LiFE" is a single that was also released with another track called "Make No Mistake" (which also totally rips!). We're not sure what the band has planned next, but we're hoping more music is on the way. We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. You can stream the new release below. If you dig it, you can support the band and buy it!

Toronto Blessings - LiFE



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