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Chicago band Tiny Kingdoms have released a new summer single entitled “Charmer.” It’s an upbeat pop rock track featuring jangly bright guitar, light bass, and solid drumming, including a sprightly tambourine. Though the melody and instrumentation sound cheery, the lyrics convey feelings of self-doubt that can creep into a romantic relationship where your partner seems too good to be true.

Quick electric guitar licks and a brief solo in the bridge section tastefully interrupt the otherwise uniform verse and slightly bigger chorus sections. Overall, the track’s vibe is modern pop rock topped with a surficial throwback to 70s disco, in step with stylizations of major pop bands of the last decade. Follow the band here for more releases, announcements, and other news. We added "Charmer" to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out the video for the new track below.

Tiny Kingdoms - Charmer

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