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Til Now, the solo project for LA musician Aaron Marmolejos, has gained popularity on

Instagram and TikTok for his short-form content, adding midwest emo riffs to famous scenes in media, as well as writing songs influenced by his favorite artists by scratch. Yet, his original music is still a diamond in the rough. He describes himself as alt-emo and aims to bring the nostalgia that comes with the early-mid 2010s Tumblr sound. This unique style shines through on his newest release, “Numb Instead,” released on April 5th. This track combines Aaron’s influences into an enjoyable yet broody track.

Aaron/Til Now describes the making of this track:

2023 was a year of experimenting and trying to figure out what I was meant to

make, and it’s evident that “Numb Instead” and music like the alt-rock/emo-based

style is what I am meant to create. It’s such a personal song, too, because the

meaning is taken from my own experience with someone who was very cold,

repeatedly hurtful, and eventually, I just knew what to expect and grew “numb” to

the pain.”

When the “Numb Instead” begins, the riff and cadence immediately remind me of Movements’ pivotal Feel Something. The track is self-produced, with every instrument performed, recorded, and mixed by Til Now, and it is challenging to discern that we aren’t listening to a five-figure production. Anyone who has struggled with a toxic relationship can easily relate to the lyrics. “You take all my trust, I can’t feel the hurt, I’m numb instead,” in the chorus is an absolute gut punch. Compared to his previous releases, I truly believe that Aaron has found his voice literally, lyrically, and instrumentally. You may not have heard of Til Now, but there is little doubt in my mind he is going to be the next LA artist to blow up.

Til Now - "Numb Instead"



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