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Toronto art-orchestral sextet Tidal Wave has just released a torrential new single entitled “This Cost of Life.” The arrangement of this track is second to none. Warm waves of delay-affected strings ebb and flow over swimming guitar, resonant bass, and crashes of oceanic drums. The chorus is a deep swirling whirlpool of densely layered instrumentation, but the song’s clean and simple vocals float gracefully above everything, like sun-dappled, lightly rippling water at the edges of a roiling storm.

Tidal Wave’s lyrics impart the sage wisdom that one must at times experience and endure stormy waters in order to fully enjoy the pleasures of sunshiney, carefree sailing. Sorrows and struggles are inevitable in life, but if you can navigate your way through, there is much love and good that awaits.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Dive into “This Cost of Life” and follow Tidal Wave for future releases.

Tidal Wave - This Cost of Life

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