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New Jersey based Pop Punk band, Three Cheers Too Late, just released their new single "This Might Be It". The song is a Pop Punk hit from the first the first line. Drawing influence from some of the heavy hitters in their genre, the band has also added their own touch to really carve out their own sound.

"This Might Be It" is a really catchy song. Epic choruses, heavy singing and instrumentals, a bad ass Pop Punk breakdown... all the elements are there to make a great Pop Punk song. This track shows a ton of potential for Three Cheers Too Late. This was our first time listening to the band, but with a release like this, it has guaranteed we'll be keeping up with what they have next. We also added this track to our Underground Punk Spotify playlist.

Follow the band (linked above) to watch out for new music.

Three Cheers Too Late - This Might Be (Spotify Stream)


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