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The latest release from Colorado indie folk group The Regular is just what we’d expect if two guys were to lock themselves in a janitorial closet with an acoustic guitar, a mini keyboard, caffeine and sugar, and say, “We are not leaving this room until we write a folk rock banger.” But seriously, that’s how “Scum” was allegedly born and it accurately captures the slightly manic energy of being locked in a room for six hours and rashly writing an off-the-cuff folk anthem about that P.O.S. guy at the bar that everyone somehow knows and also innately despises.

Scum” has a great singsongy opening that later becomes part of the main hook. With relaxed lead vocals and intuitive harmonies, chummy acoustic guitar strumming, steady folk bass and drums, a dash of tambourine, and a mini harmonica solo, this is an instant folk-punk campfire hit. We added the new tune to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out “Scum” and follow The Regular for more music.

The Regular - Scum

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