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South FL indie emo band, The Polaroid Notebook, have released their long awaited debut single "Punk Girls & Dirty Hearts". The song is the first release from their debut self-titled album that will be released sometime in Mid October. We've booked these guys a handful of times in Orlando and Sanford, and it's great to be able to finally jam their music.

The Polaroid Notebook is a new band, forming earlier this year. Until just recently, the band has been a two piece formed by friends JC Castro (guitar/vocals) and Marisol Rivera (drums). Chris Perez has since joined as their bass player and played his first show with them earlier this month. You can catch The Polaroid Notebook at Florida Underground Fest in Orlando on October 6th.

Simply put, "Punk Girls & Dirty Hearts" is an amazing song blending very melodic instrumentals and heartfelt and relatable lyrics. JC's anthemic guitars riffs and vocals over Marisol's unique and rhythmic drumming style make this song stand out from other indie hits. This debut single is a great taste to show what this band has to offer, and really builds anticipation for the full album. The song was recorded by Nate Graves at a friends studio in South FL, and is currently exclusively available on Spotify.

Listen to "Punk Girls & Dirty Hearts" on Spotify HERE

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