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The Feeling” is a new surfy banger from Liverpool-based indie punks The Left Backs. Fuzzy rhythm guitar and rough vocals punch in that classic punk sound, while the high lead guitar with its whammy bar bends and choppy tremolo effects, plus quick hi hat work, turn it into decidedly danceable surf punk. The bridge features a screaming electric guitar solo that seamlessly integrates the gnarly ambience of the track. Add in the DIY home recording quality and you’ve got a raw garage surf punk thrasher.

Listening to this song, we can really imagine sweatily moshing around in a crowded Florida basement during the muggy season while The Left Backs smash away through our unkempt house sound system. Yes, the feeling we get from this track is an untamed, sticky basement show, and it’s awesome.

We added "The Feeling" to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out the band’s Facebook page here for funny content, including photos, videos, and news updates.

The Left Backs - The Feeling

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