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Canned Air” is the cool new indie-rock single from Netherlands five-piece The Klittens. The song is a neat take on form and style, as it features minimalism, in building around a single picked pitch, and complexity, where the verse vocals go off in separate directions, almost as an off-kilter round. But in keeping with the song's lyrical theme of “giving in” to comfort by friends, everything resolves together for a simple, hooking unison chorus.

Overall, the track has a casual, laidback sound - it’s not too fast or too slow, but a calm moderate speed with nimble drums, raw guitar, and charming light vocals. We love the band’s sound and we love this track’s unique and purposefully written arrangement. It’s an easy 10/10 from us.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the track below, then follow The Klittens for more band updates.

The Klittens - Canned Air

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