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The House Flies make their impressive debut with Glimmer, a 4 track EP full of melodic sounds that boast both soothing and eerie elements. "A side project of the members of the grunge metal act, Murnau", this project shows a lot of promise as we're being handed a unique and beautifully crafted sound.

Each track carefully flows into the next, never losing the dark and almost gothic take on indie/alt rock. The instrumental work keeps you engaged as you're handed distant and melodic vocal work that almost comes off as aggressive whispering. There's definitely a darker vibe that's present, and it's so intriguing that you're left incapable of not experiencing the release from start to finish. Fans of the sound will be happy to hear that The House Flies have released this EP to buy time as they work on their debut full-length album.

We added our personal favorite track, "Blue" to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. You can jam along to the new EP below. We highly suggest listening to the whole thing, as The House Flies have succeeded in crafting quite an enjoyable journey. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow the project (linked above) to stay on top of future releases!

The House Flies - Glimmer EP



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