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In stark contrast to their last release, the latest single from Toronto post-grunge band The Effens is a cacophonous barrage on the senses. The soundscape for “Venom Denim” features overdriven guitar, harsh synth tones, and something akin to broadcast dial up noises over brash drums and warm indie rock style vocals. It’s about “finding your way out of a relationship…and hoping your partner finds their way out too” before the rapidly sinking quicksand swallows you both.

This raucous track, which we’re told captures the band’s true live sound, is certain to startle the jeepers out of that unenthused regular who always seems to be dozing off at the bar between sets. Play “Venom Denim” when you need an extra shot of adrenaline with your morning coffee.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow The Effens to see what else they have going on. Stream the new single below!

The Effens - Venom Denim

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