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Canadian Ska-Punk band The Deficits just released their new single "Dawgs". To get straight to the point, this song fucking rips! Powerful vocal and instrumental work drive this track through unique transitions, catchy hooks, and a powerful birdge/outro.

Admittedly, this is our first time listening to the band, but "Dwags" has guaranteed that it will not be the last. The Deficits really shine here by blending so many styles together. Pop Punk, Ska and Punk Rock take the forefront here, but elements of heavy guitar and breakdowns work their way in to leave the listener with a powerful and unique track.

We're not sure what these guys have planned next, but we really hope an EP or full album is on the way. We feel we need to warn you that by the time "Dawgs" is over, you'll find yourself incapable of not hitting replay to experience it again.

We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow The Deficits to see what else they have going on. You can stream the new single below!

The Deficits - Dawgs


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