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Fans of Coldplay, 2010s alt pop, and modern indie will love this new single by NC indie/alt pop band The Collection. In “Get Lost" we hear the best aspects of bands and genres from a range of time periods - Coldplay’s great sense of form, iconic piano backing, and even a hint of Chris Martin’s vocal style, Tom Odell’s beautiful chord progressions, and 2010s alt pop’s floating vocal melodies from the likes of Fun and Mika. All of this plus a fantastic arrangement of instruments, from soft keys to a perfectly timed electric guitar solo to subtle horns.

About the track the author says, “I’ve learned the most about who I am in the times I’ve gotten ‘lost’ from my path and the expectations of others and given attention and presence to whatever things come up.” Even though the idea of being lost usually gives a negative connotation, The Collection’s reversal of that connotation with lyrical spin and palpable warmth in the track leaves us feeling optimistic. It's a wise and thoughtfully designed work of art.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. “Get Lost” in the melody below and then follow The Collection for more band updates.

The Collection - Get Lost

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