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The Backfires’ “Song 55” is the sort of track where you put in the headphones, close your eyes, and you’re immediately transported into a certain state of mind. The song doesn’t necessarily put you at ease, but more in a mutual state of understanding. It’s a song about the unending grind of a 9-to-5 world, where everything centers around work. Finances, relationships, hopes, and dreams; your past, your present, and your future - everything centers around the commercialization of productivity. But, the song questions, “what’s the point of living” that way?

According to the band's liner notes, this track was created and recorded from separate continents, but the seamless performance makes us feel as though we’re hearing hi-fi footage from a live show. Smooth guitar lines, tasteful drum fills, and catching vocals all blend in a genuine indie rock track that sounds completely timeless.

We added this track to our Ungeround Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Let this song work its introspective enchantment on you and follow The Backfires for more band updates.

The Backfires - Song 55



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