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Grunge, alt rock, and skate punk collide colossally in “Smoked,” the commanding new single from D.C. punk band Teen Mortgage. A genius concoction of grimy guitar leads, fuzzy bass riffs, cool drumming, and a minimalist yet ultra-catchy chorus delivered via captivating high-pass vocals results in a murky, lo-fi soundscape that reminds us of heavier, fuzzier Nirvana. This track is completely mesmerizing from beginning to end. It feels like we’re running, stumbling, falling through a dark, desolate, eerie, and treacherous landscape. Tread -- or skate -- carefully.

We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Immerse yourself in “Smoked” below and then follow Teen Mortgage for more music and news.

Teen Mortgage - Smoked

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