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​​“White Lie” is the immediately gripping, at times disturbing, new single from Montreal rock band Tarbox. It opens with a heady scream and a slightly off-kilter, dissonant chord progression played by thick guitars and heavy bass over grounded drums. Lying somewhere between 90s alt rock, grunge, and nu metal, the vocals and overall writing style are reminiscent of Alice in Chains, with an extra surge of rock lead guitar.

The cinematography of the music video is equally stirring, showing scenes of the lead singer burying himself alive. The track’s stripped down outro of acoustic guitar and reverb-heavy piano and final lyric, “you know we’re all going to die,” offers a chilling finality to both the song and video. The disquieting emotions that rise in us throughout the track, and that we are then left with long after the song ends, reminds us of the same feelings experienced while desperately attempting to escape one of Toshimitsu Takagi’s eerie legendary 2000s-era escape-the-room Flash games. You don’t know how or why you are trapped there. All you know is your immediate unease and ever-mounting sense of dread, and that you must escape while there’s still time. “White Lie” is the songwriting equivalent of The Viridian Room.

We added this track to our Underground indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Step into the video below and then follow Tarbox for more releases, events, and news.

Tarbox - White Lie

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