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Ireland-based band, SWEETS, brings a unique blend of styles to the table with their debut single "Charm Offensive". Boasting a creative blend of Grunge, Alternative, and Punk Rock, this track serves as a perfect introduction to the band's unique sound and songwriting. What a debut!

Dark guitar and bass lines add to the eerie vibe here as you're thrown into a wild journey of airy vocals, punchy drums, and spot-on production. It's always refreshing to hear a new song that's not too reminiscent of something you've heard before. We're not sure what's next, but it's obvious the band has found "their sound" and we can't wait to hear more.

You can check out the video for the new single below. We also added it to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Make sure you follow SWEETS to stay on top of their future releases!

SWEETS - "Charm Offensive"

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